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I love food and I love photography so I make both of them for the happiness of my life.

Happy new year

Publié le 31 Décembre 2013 par Gamba Sandro

Dear blog followers and friends,

It has been a exciting year for my blog. More than 6000 pages views and more than 3000 different persons went to see my little blog. Sincerely, I am very positively surprise as I was thinking with no publicity I would do more personal photos collection than a place where people go to see what I am doing… :)

I also received so many messages and made very interesting connection with the blog. One of the highlight was the felicitation from my photograph hero Mr. Eric Lafforgue. What a great gift from him and cannot wait to meet him one day..

Nevertheless, in 2014 many more to come. Will also invest in some new equipment that will help for quality presentation.

Thank you so much for your clicks, it is really fun to connect with you.

All the very best!

Sandro Gamba

Happy new year
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